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Instant Transactions Workshop

October 16-18

Gargnano (Lake Garda) Italy

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Improving the money of the futureA discussion on ways to improve instant transactions

A collaborative and highly-technical three-day workshop with the goal of improving instant transactions for Bitcoin Cash. Attendance will be limited to active developers, researchers, and key stakeholders. (15 to 30 participants.)

The workshop's main focus is to develop strategies for improving instant transactions that can be implemented over the short term (addressing the fast-respend and reverse-respend vulnerabilities). Examples include double-spend relay, super-standard transactions, and double-spend proofs. A secondary focus will be on longer-term ideas, such as those based on pre-consensus techniques, to address the double-spend vulnerabilities that involve miner collusion.

The workshop will include round-table discussions, working groups, and technical presentations.

Admission to the event is 750 euros per person and includes most meals (bursaries are available).


Tentative Schedule Check out our tentative schedule.

Defining the Problem

How can double-spends of instant transactions be carried out today?

Statistics on 0-conf double-spends

Exploring solutions

Double-spend relay vs. double-spend proofs

Super-stand transactions


Forging a path forward

Coordinating between node implementation (ABC, BU, XT, Flowee the Hub), SPV wallets, businesses, and miners

Best practices when accepting instant transactions and understanding risk level

Call for ProposalsDeadline September 10, 2018

Want to give a presentation at the workshop? We'll first need you to describe your presentation's topic, why it's important, and how it will contribute to the workshop's goals by filling out this form here. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) empirical double-spend statistics, analyses of vulnerabilities, proposals to improve instant transactions, and best-practices when accepting instant transactions.

Want to participate but need to some extra BCH to make the trip? We have a limited amount of funds earmarked to pay the travel and accomodation costs for highly-qualified workshop participants who do not have external sources of funding. Please fill out this form to apply here.

Just want to be a fly on the wall? We'll still need you to fill out the form here.

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Location How to get there and where to stay

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is located in Gargnano in the heart of the spectacular and renowned “Riviera dei Limoni”. It is the first to be awarded the prestigious 5-star superior rating on Lake Garda and is situated in 11 hectares of natural park overlooking the lake. The Resort is a contemporary luxury retreat surrounded by nature, which makes it perfect for meetings and exclusive events.

How to reach Gargnano

The workshop will be held in the "Goethe Room" at the Lefay Resort, Via Angelo Feltrinelli, 136, 25084 Gargnano BS, Italy.

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